At the moment of implementing the Shingo Model is it compulsory for us to compete for the Shingo Prize?

Participating in the Shingo Prize is an own decision of the organization, you can develop the model to approach Operational Excellence and obtain benefits and ideal results without having to compete for the Shingo Prize,  but once you have reached adequate levels of Excellence, the award may bring different additional satisfactions.

How long can it take for my organization to reach an Operational Excellence level?

There is no formula for knowing exactly how long it takes an organization to achieve Excellence levels since this depends on factors such as the maturity of an organization in the essential themes of the Model, the support of top management, among others. At Opex Academy we have developed a Roadmap that includes tracking the model and other tools for 24 months although the progress is often evaluated to fine tune the duration of the complete program that can be extended or shortened depending on the case of each organization.

Do we need the support of top management to develop our organization towards Operational Excellence?

This is a fundamental part of the success in the implementation of any Operational Excellence model within the organizations, the lack of commitment and support by the top management represents the number one factor of failure in organizations that get caught in the attempt to be Excellent .

What are the first steps we must take to implement the Shingo Model?

Our recommendation, based on the structure of the model and the experience of several years, is to start with the Discover Workshop followed by an Operational Assessment. These two concepts will give you detailed knowledge about the model and we will be able to know where the opportunities for improvement are, as well as being able to design a work plan to take the organization to levels of Excellence.

Can we get support from Opex Academy even though the Shingo Model is not within our work plans?

Of course, Opex Academy is an affiliate of the Shingo Institute so we provide the necessary support on the implementation of the model and in addition we give support to organizations to help in the development of their operations through tools of Lean Management, Coaching and Leadership , among others.

What is it and how can the Shingo Model help us?

The Shingo Model is NOT just another program or initiative within an organization's calendar, instead it introduces Guiding Principles in which to anchor existing initiatives within the organization to attack opportunities in the effort to achieve ideal results and consequently become Excellent. The benefits will be observed through a transformation or strengthening of the cultural aspect of the organization where the effects will be to reach ideal results defined by the same organization. Within the examples that we have been able to register in different cases of success in terms of benefits, we see issues such as turnover, quality, productivity, personnel development and safety, among others.



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