About us

Who we are

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We are a consulting services company specialized in Operational Excellence. Operational Excellence is a process of cultural transformation at all levels of the organization through behaviors based on principles, achieving  ideal and sustainable results, making it a winner company and leader in its market.

Our Opex Academy Model Roadmap of Excellence is based on the principles of the Shingo Model and consists of three sequential phases that systemically impact results and organizational behaviors.

Among our leaders you’ll find the pioneers of the Shingo Prize in Mexico as well as company directors who have worked towards Operational Excellence for over 20 years.

Our Vision

Recognized as a reliable business partner that is dedicated to improve the quality of employee engagement and achieve sustainable results.

Our Mission

Our mission at Opex Academy is to add value to the organizations through the creation of sustainable cultures of excellence.

Our Methodology

Opex Academy uses an 18 month Roadmap as base, where we consider all the key elements so that companies, in a simple and objective way, learn to live excellence throughout the organization.

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Our team

The team of consultants and coaches at Opex Academy consists of experienced leaders in the development and implementation of methodology of excellence in different industries (automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical-medical, food and services among others) and in different countries. Our leaders have transformed organizations whose primary focus is the results in companies of Sustainable Continuous Improvement. Among our leaders are the pioneers of the Shingo Prize in Mexico as well as plant managers who have worked towards Operational Excellence for over 20 years.



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This 2 day workshop has as its objective to introduce the participants to the Shingo Model, the Guiding Principles and the Three Revelations of Operational Excellence. With real time discussions...


Enable is based on the learning and experience gained in the Discover Excellence workshop and takes you further into the Shingo Model, focusing on the principles that are identified as...


Continuous improvement begins by clearly defining the value through the client's eyes. IMPROVE continues the discussion that revolves around ideal behaviors, fundamental beliefs and behavioral standards and how they relate...


To be successful, organizations must develop work-aligned management systems and behaviors with principles and direction in ways that are simple, complete-executable, and standardized. The sum of individual efforts rarely approximate...


BUILD EXCELLENCE This two-day capstone workshop integrates classroom and on-site experiences at a host facility to solidify the knowledge and experience gained from the previous four Shingo workshops. The BUILD EXCELLENCE...