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For three days (may vary depending on the size of the organization) we carry out a comprehensive assessment of the organization using the Shingo Model as a base, resulting in a feedback report that clearly identifies the areas of opportunity and the  strengths to exploit by the organization. This information allows the company to reinforce the strategic and operational planning of the business.

Within the benefits that the organization has during and after this event is to have a deep and detailed understanding of the organization's position in the Road to Operational Excellence, we will evaluate the different systems that when put together make it possible to achieve a lean operation. The operational assessment gives us an understanding of the commitment that exists in the leaders of the company as well as to detect the opportunities and ways to attack them from an Operational Excellence perspective.

After the assessment we work closely with the organization to develop a working plan through training sessions and consultancies to attack the opportunities detected during the assessment and to strengthen a culture of Operational Excellence.

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