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The Benchmark Tour is designed to expand your vision and to understand in greater depth the application of principles of Excellence through systems and tools, which show us a clear impact on people's behavior. As a participant of our Benchmark Tour you will visit companies with levels of Excellence. You will observe carefully selected systems to feel the behavior on the floor (Gemba).

Visit 8 companies with a high level of Operational Excellence, and observe in action some of his best systems like:

  • Improvement Ideas System
  • Analysis and Problem Solving System
  • Training and Recruitment System
  • 5'S System
  • Daily Management System
  • Standard Work System
  • Recognition System

It is a unique learning opportunity to go behind the scenes and not only observe, but talk to the main actors in the GEMBA, thus understanding the details of a successful implementation. The host companies have been recognized globally as organizations of Excellence, and continue in their path of improvement.

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